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Cheesy Pirates and Salty Balls at Twelve Mile Limit

Behind the bar at Twelve Mile Limit.
Behind the bar at Twelve Mile Limit.
Photo: Facebook

It's not just barbecue anymore over at Twelve Mile Limit. Though that's long been the focus of the food options at the bar owned by former Coquette barman Cole Newtown, now they've got pizza on Sunday nights. Served up by a contractor named Matt Mahoe (pronounced Muh-hoy, not Muh-Hoe), the Sunday night pizza operation is called Pirate Pizza, offering a handful of pizzas, all of which come with fantastic pirate pun names. (Mahoe also hopes to have Pirate Pizza going mobile by Halloween.)

Pirate Pizza first landed at Twelve Mile Limit three weeks ago. Mahoe'll be there every Sunday starting at 5, and he's also at BJ's Lounge in the Bywater on Friday nights. Oh, and about that headline: the salty balls are the same, it was just an irresistible line.

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Twelve Mile Limit

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