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Susan Langenhennig Will Do Full-Time Food Coverage, No Word on New Times-Pic Critic [Updated]

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Still no word on who will be the new restaurant critic, but here's a little more info on what the food section of the Times-Pic/ will look like in the post-Brett Anderson world: Susan Langenhennig, fashion editor, will be moving to full-time restaurant writing in the fall. Back in April, Langenhennig starting splitting time between fashion and restaurant writing. Last night, she told the paper's drinks writer Todd Price via Twitter that "when this transition happens" (in October) she'll become a full-time restaurant writer. She will not be the paper's food critic, though that's certainly how it seemed at first; Eater hears that this is instead simply a continuation of what she's already been doing in terms of news and features.

This came in response to a piece in the New York Times' Diner's Journal last night, in which Times-Pic editor Jim Amoss told Julia Moskin that food coverage, including reviews, would continue. Though according to Langenhennig it'll take a little while before the paper starts doing reviews again, presumably in no small part because it still looks like they're bringing on someone new to do them.

Update: Editor Jim Amoss is now inviting Brett Anderson to return after his Nieman Fellowship.

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