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Criollo Starts Serving Lunch, Domilise's Still Worth It

The bar at Domilise's.
The bar at Domilise's.
Photo: flickr / SanFranAnnie

OPENING REPORT? The Hotel Monteleone's new restaurant Criollo will open for lunch tomorrow, says the Tales of the Cocktail Facebook page. A rep from the restaurant told Eater yesterday they hoped to open "by mid Summer," so presumably dinner will roll out sometime in the next month. [Facebook]

Mid Week Reviews? Blackened Out takes their "Is it worth it?" tour of the city's food institutions to Domilise's, the uptown po' boy shop. So is it worth it? "Surprisingly, yes." [Blackened Out]

ROAD TRIPS? Ian McNulty of the Gambit goes to the West Bank for Central American food, making a return visit to Pupuseria Divino Corazon. In a piece that's not exactly a review, he says it's "still a destination worth the bridge toll." [Gambit]


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