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Brett Anderson Laid Off as Part of Times-Pic Overhaul

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With the Times-Pic planning to end daily distribution this fall, going to just three days a week and emphasizing online content, layoffs were promised and expected. Today was the day that many in the newsroom would learn their fate.

The paper's food guy Brett Anderson tweeted a link this morning to The Replacement's "Goddamn Job," asking if it was the song of the day. (Sample lyric: "I need a goddamn job.") Twenty minutes later, he tweeted: "Turns out I picked the right song." Leading people everywhere to assume the paper had actually fired their James Beard Award-winning food writer. (See the tweet above.) This in one of the greatest eating and dining cities in the world?

Anderson had been selected for a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard, which looked pretty good for the paper in addition to being an honor for him. Hopefully this doesn't screw that up. At any rate, this is all kinds of fishy, but expect more of the same for other parts of the newsroom today.

Update: The Gambit has confirmed that Brett Anderson has been laid off.

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