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Booty's Looks to Stash Its Loot in the Bywater

1339262987-booty_logo.jpgThe Bywater will be home to yet another new restaurant when former Seattleites Nick Vivion and Kevin Farrell shake out their mackintoshes and open their multi-cultural restaurant Booty's on the 800 block of Louisa Street. The Gambit's restaurant oracle Ian McNulty talked to the pair about their new venture, which will feature a menu of street food from around the world and atmosphere so welcoming to computer-carriers that Vivion and Farrell have taken to calling it a "blogstaurant."

"People see food as a type of content now," Vivion told McNulty. "They talk about it online, they take pictures of it. It becomes pixels before they've even enjoyed it. We want chefs to be Tweeting and sharing the food from the kitchen and we want people to convene at our restaurant like they do online now." Vivion and Farrell run a gay-themed website called Unicorn Booty, which accounts for their restaurant's name, logo and eagerness to attract social media bumblebees from all over the city. Really, though, the pair admits that the name and concept of "Booty's" was at least partially inspired by the way pirates stashed plunder from all over the world in port cities just like New Orleans.

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[Photo: Booty's]

Booty's Street Food

800 Louisa St., New Orleans, LA 70117 504 266 2887


800 Louisa St., New Orleans LA 70117