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A Guide for Every Pizza-Eating Situation

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Congratulations on making the decision to eat pizza! You are one step closer to a) calling in sick from work and watching "Ellen" in your pajamas, b) listening to your friends haggle for hours over toppings before finally deciding on some half-and-half compromise, or c) sobering up to face the sunrise. With so many different kinds of pizza floating around the city and so many different reasons to eat pizza, it's important to embark on your pizza-eating enterprise with a game plan, which is why we've created this helpful cheat sheet, the better to help you determine the best pizza option for whatever strange, borderline illegal situation you may find yourself in.

Have other situations to add to the guide? You know what to do. (Hint: the comments.)

When you just want a slice of cheese-freaking-pizza:

· Gulf Pizza (Algiers Point)

· Pizza Delicious

When you want it New York style, you damn Yankee:

· Pizzicare

· Pizza Delicious

· Rotolo's

When you want it fancy-style:

· Domenica

· Mondo

When you're drunk, uptown and maybe want a one night stand:

· Boot Pizza, aka the Dough Bowl

When you're drunk, downtown and want something that tastes like Chuck-E-Cheez Pizza:

· Big Easy Daiquiris (multiple locations)

For pizza and beer, emphasis on the beer:

· Lazaro's

· Wit's Inn

For pizza and sausage, emphasis on the sausage:

· Crescent Pie & Sausage Co.

When your kids are clamoring for pizza and you want to enjoy a variety of bottled beers while pretending you're childless:

· Theo's

· Reginelli's

When you want extra self-righteousness on your pizza:

· Naked Pizza

When you want to see someone take a nap on their pizza:

· Tropical Isle

When you're on your way to Frenchmen and your legs get tired:

· Angeli on Decatur

When you accidentally spend too much for an antique grandfather clock and want to dull the pain of that impulsive decision with booze and pizza:

· Rotolo's

When you realize that you're really a Potsie after thinking that you were a Fonzi and need some comfort pizza:

· Rocky's

When you have to share a pizza with your greedy family:

· Venezia

When you stumble disoriented out of Mae's at two in the afternoon and would eat pretty much anything:

· New York Pizza

When you want your pizza to taste like cookies:

· Great American Cookies

When you want pizza for breakfast:

· Katie's

When you've unsuccessfully disputed a red light camera ticket and need something good to happen:

· Pizzicare

?Doug Barry

· All Pizza Week Coverage [-ENOLA-]


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