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Green Goddess Chef Chris DeBarr to Open Serendipity in the American Can Building

Chef Chris DeBarr is leaving his gig cooking the dinner service at Green Goddess to open up a new spot. With dancer and former Green Goddess maitre d' Bug Brockway as general manager and partnering with Bar Tonique owner Ed Diaz, DeBarr is opening Serendipity in the American Can Company building in Mid City. Presumably that restaurant will go in the space vacated by the Olive Branch Café early last month. Per Todd Price at the Times Pic:

Serendipity, which seats at least 100 diners, offers DeBarr a larger space and a better equipped kitchen. He'll now have room, for example, to hire a baker. The spacious bar will also give DeBarr and his staff a chance to play more with cocktails. The food, though, won't be so different from what DeBarr cooked at Green Goddess and before that at the Delachaise wine bar.
There will be live music, with Brockway doing the booking. DeBarr tells Price that the goal for the music is more of a "supper-club vibe." His last shift at Green Goddess is next Sunday, May 13.

· Chris DeBarr Leaving Green Goddess to Open Serendipity []

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