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What Happened at Yo Mama's Memorial Day Weekend?

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Something went down at the popular French Quarter burger joint slash dive bar Yo Mama's this past weekend. On Tuesday, a tipster wrote in to say that Yo Mama's had "closed suddenly and fired everyone," describing the employees as "pretty pissed." And then there's this irate Yelper, with a big, ol' "Fuck you for closing the way you did it!" from Memorial Day.

Three calls into Yo Mama's didn't reveal anything except that they were closed for the weekend and that they are back open. And a sign on Tuesday said they were hiring "full bar and kitchen staff." Of course, all of this is super anecdotal, which leads to: What actually happened at Yo' Mama's last weekend? If you're one of those pissed off employees, or if you're familiar with what went down, send us an email through the tipline. Your anonymity will be protected.

Update 1: That Yelp review has been deleted. Twitter-er @Jimmy_Buck got a screenshot.

Update 2: A tipster writes in to note that apparently Yo Mama's is closed again. An employee outside said they will reopen on Tuesday.

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[Photo: yelp / Peter D.]

Yo Mama's Bar & Grill

727 St. Peter Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 504-522-1125