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What's Going to Happen to the Times-Pic Food Coverage?

As just about everybody in the City of New Orleans (and elsewhere) has heard, times are not good for the Times-Picayune. The New York Times broke a story yesterday that the shadowy national company that owns the paper will reduce publication to three days a week (Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), with a new focus on online content and a reduction in the workforce. Quoted in the Times' follow-up this morning, here's an excerpt from a memo sent to Times-Pic employees:

Many current employees of The Times-Picayune and will have the opportunity to grow with the new organizations, but the need to reallocate resources to accelerate the digital growth of NOLA Media Group will necessitate a reduction in the size of the workforce.

So the paper will continue to deliver on Fridays, which means food content will probably continue in some form or another because that's the day the Lagniappe section goes out, plus there'll be plenty of online content, but still: What's going to the happen to the Times-Pic's food coverage? This might seem like a relatively minor consideration, but the Times-Pic has long had strong restaurant, food and drink content. They say they've got "plans" to expand it, but we'll see. Knowing what's going to happen with that content is important information for those who want a robust conversation about the New Orleans restaurant community, and it's indicative of all of the other ways this might adversely affect New Orleans. So in other words, #SaveTheTP

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