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Zea Owners Recognized for Community Service

Taste Buds Management, the group that founded the local chains Zea Rotisserie & Grill and Semolina won a "Restaurant Neighbor Award" from the National Restaurant Association. The community service award recognizing their pretty awesome charitable works aimed at the tornado victims in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and Joplin, Mo., as well as their work with LiuzzaPalooza, an event that raised money for Liuzza's owner Michael Bordelon, who was hit by a drunk driver.

The award included a $5,000 contribution to the charity of their choice; the chefs behind Taste Buds, Greg Reggio, Hans Limburg and Gary Darling, chose to give it to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. Well played, y'all.

· Zea Restaurants [Official Site]

Hans Limburg, Greg Reggio, Gary Darling. [Photo: Facebook]