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Ian McNulty Goes Australian at the Milk Bar

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In this week's Gambit, Ian McNulty reviews the "tiny, charmingly off-kilter place" uptown, the Milk Bar. Owned by Inta and Kevin Phayer (an Australian and an Englishman, respectively), McNulty writes that the Milk Bar's "enormous and generally excellent sandwiches" don't feel any particular type of cuisine. In fact, while for many casual diners the Milk Bar's offerings might feel eclectic or "idiosyncratic," many of the touches are designed to "hit nostalgic notes for Aussies." And like anywhere that focuses on sandwiches, the bread is of the utmost importance, a fact that the Phayers did not ignore, using pistolettes and ciabatta from La Boulangerie

· Review: The Milk Bar [Gambit]

The Milk Bar

1514 Delachaise St., New Orleans, LA