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Go Vote?Now!?for Where Y'at's Best of the Big Easy

Monthly magazine Where Y'at is back with their annual Best of the Big Easy awards. These awards are based on readers' opinions, much like the Gambit's Best of New Orleans awards. The ballot is live right now.

It's broken into 4 categories, two of which?Night Life and Food?are pertinent for the fine readers of Eater. Night Life has 32 awards, ranging from the general, like Best Neighborhood Hangout for 'hoods across the city, to more specific, like Best Bar for Hand-Crafted Cocktails. The Food section is even more daunting, with 52 awards that need nominations. But don't worry?they don't need nominations for each award. The ballots just need to be 50% completed to count.

The voting period ends on Friday, May 18, so get to it!

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