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Two New Spots Bringing Music and Drinks to Freret St.

Two new music venues are coming to Freret Street, additions that could make the corridor?already a hotspot for restaurants with a whole lot of openings in the last few years?a little bit hotter. According to the Uptown Messenger, the two venues are Publiq House and Sunhouse, unrelated ventures in spite of the similar names.

The Publiq House is a sort of beer emporium and live music venue that's been in development at least since last summer. Sunhouse, named after the blues musician, is a smaller venue opening in the former garage by the Du Mois Gallery. Eater hears that Sunhouse will have a visual arts component on top of the music and drinks, decorated with a carefully-curated selection of artwork from local artists, for sale to the public.

Technically speaking, they're obviously both bars, and both have taken care to establish good-neighbor agreements with the neighborhood's residents to keep anything like the old Friar Tuck's situation from happening again. No word yet on when either will open.

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The future home of Sunhouse. [Photo: Google Maps]