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Parish Brewing Coming to New Orleans Bars This Month

New Orleans beer drinkers can expect brews from Parish Brewing to arrive later this month. According to Todd Price at the Times-Pic, owner Andrew Godley has been serving his "Louisiana-style wheat" beer, Canebrake, in Acadiana since 2010, and moved into a new, larger brewery in April to increase production capacity. It's coming to New Orleans between May 24 and 26 and expanding throughout the region after that:

In mid-June, Parish will probably enter Baton Rouge and then, shortly afterwards, the north shore. But Godley won't commit to exact dates. First he needs to be certain he can satisfy his customers in Acadiana and now New Orleans. And once Godley can supply enough kegs of Canebrake, he'll start filling bottles.
But how is Canebrake, and should New Orleanians be excited about it? Price said he would "rank it as one of the best beers brewed in Louisiana." Parish is previewing Canebrake at Avenue Pub this Wednesday

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