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Ancora is the Winner of Eater NOLA's Pizza Week Poll

Inside Ancora.
Inside Ancora.
Photo: Nikki Mayeux

The poll is closed, the votes have been tallied, duplicates have been removed and the winner is clear: Ancora Pizzeria & Salumeria is the winner of the Pizza Poll of Power, our search for New Orleans' favorite pizza purveyor. Ancora's win is a bit surprising, only in that Adolfo Garcia's Neapolitan pizza shop is less than a year old and that the Freret neighborhood vote may have gotten split between Ancora and their deep dish neighbors, Midway. In the end, though, Ancora finished strong, rallying to surpass third place Pizza Nola and second place Theo's.

The seven competing pizzerias were determined by a reader nomination process earlier in the week. The final rankings are as follows:

1.) Ancora Pizzeria & Salumeria

2.) Theo's Pizza

3.) Pizza Nola

4.) Midway

5.) That's Amore

6.) Tower of Pizza

7.) Mona Lisa

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Pizza Nola

141 W Harrison Avenue Suite A, New Orleans, LA 70124 504 872 0731 Visit Website

Ancora Pizzeria

4508 Freret Street, , LA 70115 (504) 324-1636 Visit Website

The Midway

4725 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 504 322 2815 Visit Website