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Someone Stole the Skittles Machine from Bud's Broiler

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Photo: Official Site

Ever get frustrated when one of those coin-op Skittles or gumball machines eats your quarter? Do what some guys did at Bud's Broiler last Thursday and just steal the damn thing.

Here's the story: A little before 4 AM last Thursday, a group of guys were in getting burgers. One of them tried to buy something from the double candy machine located by the front door. The machine ate the dude's quarter, he got agitated and he and his buddies grabbed it and fled. This is apparently the second one someone's stolen; considering that each of the heads has a coin capacity of $150 in quarters, $300 for the whole machine, that's turning into a pretty serious loss of passive income for Bud's. One of the perils of being a drunk food destination, perhaps.

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Bud's Broiler

500 City Park Ave., New Orleans, LA