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After Fess Fun Around the Fair Grounds

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Photo: flickr / SanFranAnnie

The music has to end sometime, doesn't it? Either that or you'll succumb to heat stroke (because you of course didn't hydrate) and pass out at Congo Square, where someone will mistake you for a promotional crawfish mascot and chatter with your crispy, senseless body until the Fair Grounds clear out. When you do find yourself alone and sunburned in the Mid-City neighborhood around Castle Jazz Fest, it'll be good to know where to cool your heels until the following day's festivities. Here, in order of general proximity to the Fairgrounds, are some venues whose Fess hospitality you can totally take advantage of.

Around the Corner:

· Nothing helps sober you up and cool you off like an ice coffee, and where better to get an ice coffee than from Fair Grinds Coffeehouse, which couldn't be any closer to the Fairgrounds if it hauled up its petticoats and scampered up to the gates.

· The Lola's double-secret probation Jazz Fest special menu will drop on Saturday, but odds are that the delicious Spanish food and cloying sangria will still be a little on the pricey side.

· Santa Fe is going no-underwear for this year's Jazz Fest: the southwestern restaurant will feature a special Fest menu, a margarita machine, and a live band out front for two whole weeks.

· Not to be outdone by its playful neighbor, Cafe Degas will feature an Eiffel Tower moon-bounce and a front-of-house crepe station manned by a mime. Just kidding?Degas is far too sophistiqué for Jazz Fest tomfoolery.

· Liuzza's By the Track is your best bet for a fortifying bloody mary, which will be included on the list of Jazz Fest food and drink specials the restaurant will be running with for the entire two weeks.

· Nonna Mia will feature a special menu and a brass band playing from 7pm-12am, Thursday-Saturday for both weeks of the festival.

· Brook's Seahorse Saloon wants it to be known that, while they offer no special food items, they will have super cheap drinks and live music throughout the festival.

A Pleasant Moonlit Stroll

· The Parkway Bakery & Tavern will be bumpin' (what, what) all through the festival because their sandwich artists make a mean po' boy. Expect some drink specials and long, soul-crushing lines.

· Pal's will be serving tacos. Every. Single. Day.

Wtf? Am I seriously still walking?

· The Ruby Slipper will be serving breakfast and brunch all day during Jazz Fest and will stay open each Monday after the festival weekend, so help yourself to some delicious French toast and mimosas if the buzzards don't pick your desiccated corpse over before you get there.

· Katie's will feature a special festival menu.

· Redemption may be far, but it will host Sunday Brunch from 11am-3pm, which would be no big deal if it weren't for the endless mimosas the restaurant will offer.

?Doug Barry

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