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Spend the Month of May Drinking Margs in Mid City

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The Mid City Margarita Match-Off is happening, pitting five of the neighborhood's bars against each other in a no-holds-barred match up of tequila-based deliciousness. The concept is simple: Pick up a Margarita Match-Off card from any of the participating bars, buy that bar's signature marg and they'll punch the card. Once the card is full, it turns into a ballot where people can vote for their favorite. The bars and their margs:

· Pal's Lounge, Gingerita de Mayo
· Finn McCool's, Maggie O'Rita
· Mick's Irish Pub, Mick's Margatini
· Mid City Yacht Club, Saigon Special Margarita
· Bayou Beer Garden, Flower Margarita

The winning bar gets bragging rights for having the best specialty margarita in the 'hood.

· 1st Annual Mid City Margarita Match-Off [Facebook]

Finn McCool's Irish Pub

3701 Banks Street, , LA 70119 (504) 486-9080 Visit Website