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Crescent City Café's Brunch Fundraiser is This Saturday

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Fun fact: over the last three years, the Crescent City Café has served over 3,000 meals at their monthly breakfast for the homeless and low-income at Rayne United Methodist Church. That comes out to about 90 covers per meal, all offered for free in a setting that otherwise tries to closely reproduce a regular, old restaurant experience. Part of the whole "serving ... with dignity" thing. As in a real restaurant, the menu regular changes with a rotating selection of specials as developed by Kitchen Coordinator Laura Rockett.

Because it's free for diners, they raise funds via donations (like any other nonprofit) and via an annual One + One Brunch Fundraiser, which is happening this Saturday from 9-11 a.m. A meal at the fundraiser costs 10 bucks, giving paying folks a chance to experience how the café rolls; each meal ticket sold also covers the cost of providing one future meal, hence the One + One name. Check out their website for more info or to buy tickets.

· Crescent City Café [Official Site]
· Crescent City Café [Facebook]

Crescent City Café

3900 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA