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Yes, Gulf Seafood is Safe to Eat, so Please Eat It

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Two years after the BP Oil Spill, Gulf seafood is totally safe to eat, so please eat more of it, thank you. Why does this need to be said? Because the seafood has a perception problem, says the Times-Pic. It's important not to forget the "clear distinction between a species' reproductive health and whether that species is safe to eat," the paper's Benjamin Alexander-Bloch writes. Plus, the 2011 shrimp and crab catches are "about on par with historic averages, sometimes above, sometimes below."

And what about those mutations that freaked people out and led the Times-Pic to publish this treatise? Well the Associated Press has more on that, basically toeing the same line as the Wall Street Journal and Al-Jazeera before them, "that something is still awry." At this point that awry-ness is obviously anecdotal, "and researchers agree there is little cause for concern."

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