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Treme's Wendell Pierce on New Orleans' Food Deserts

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Here's Wendell Pierce, grocer and actor from The Wire and Treme on HBO, talking about food deserts in New Orleans on CBS This Morning. Pierce tells the "tale of two cities" between the parts that are back and thriving with restaurants and markets (CBS shows shot of basically every John Besh restaurant in town to make this point) and the parts that still lack lots of basic infrastructure. He talks about these communities of "average people" being "disenfranchised when it comes to nutrition and sustenance." His convenience store chain, Sterling Express, and his grocery stores, Sterling Farms, are designed to bring healthy food options to these parts of the city.

Oh, and what's Pierce's most vivid food memory? Like a good New Orleans boy, he points to his mother's cooking, "learning about the holy trinity of onions, bell peppers and celery, and how to use the Creole seasoning and all of that."

Video: Wendell Pierce of Fighting "Food Deserts"

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