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Ian McNulty on Borgne and Rene Louapre on Gabrielle

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This week, Ian McNulty files a review of the new restaurant by John Besh and Brian Landry, Borgne. McNulty leads with the note that there's "a Spanish theme at Borgne," following up towards the end to note, in passing, that it's more accurately an Isleños theme, harkening to the small population of Canary Island immigrants who settled along the restaurant's eponymous lake. He writes that "it is fun to sample the menu," which itself is "a refreshing reminder that Creole cuisine has many influences."

Also in the early half of this week, Rene Louapre of Blackened Out gives the first reaction to the finally, thankfully reopened Gabrielle. Tracing the chef/owner team of Greg and Mary Sonnier to their roots in Paul Prudhomme's kitchen at K-Paul's, Louapre writes that the newest iteration of Gabrielle is "absolutely" worth it.

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The bar at Borgne. [Photo: yelp / Eddie E.]


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