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Old Dude Stole $150 Wreath from North Shore Resto

Photo: Official Site

Stealing for the sake of stealing?it's not just for bored, angsty teens anymore. An older gentleman proved that Saturday morning when he went up to the front door of Shuck -N- Jive Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Mandeville and swiped an oyster shell wreath from the front door. The Times-Pic's description of the thief is priceless, noting that he "appeared to be between 60 and 70, and wore brown socks pulled halfway to his knees." The man, "described as being 5 feet 10 inches tall and with a healthy head of gray or white hair," went onto the restaurant's patio, looked to see if anyone was in the restaurant and then stole away with the wreath, valued at $150. He's currently wanted by the Mandeville Police Department.

So are North Shore retirees so bored they start doing stuff like this for fun, or was he retaliating against the restaurant for something? Hopefully the police get some answers.

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Shuck -N- Jive

643 Lotus Dr., Mandeville, LA