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Louisiana Beer Fest Coming to the North Shore

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Look out, beer lovers, there's another beer fest coming to the New Orleans area, called the Louisiana Beer Fest. Details are way scant right now, but this much is known: The Louisiana Beer Fest debuted last September in Lake Charles. For its second year, it's returning to Lake Charles in May while also expanding to Lafayette, Alexandria and the North Shore.

Date, time and location are still unavailable for the Lafayette and Alexandria versions, but the North Shore one will be in Mandeville this September, at Fountainbleu State Park. That park was the location of the Top of the Hops for a couple years until that beer festival moved to Champions Square this year and became the New Orleans International Beer Festival.

As of right now, there's absolutely no reason to think that the Louisiana Beer Fest will be anything other than awesome, unlike one other upcoming beer event. Though the original Lake Charles version did have officially sanctioned beer pong, it's too early to hold that against them. Yet.

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Fontainebleu State Park

7 62883 Hwy. 1089, Mandeville, Louisiana