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Photos from the 2012 Ponchatoula Strawberry Fest

[Photos: Amy Jett]

While it seemed like the entire city, half the state of Louisiana and a third of these United States was at this past weekend's French Quarter Fest, there was actually another festival going on in the area. A decidedly sweeter, fruitier one: the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival. Held about an hour north of the city in the heart of Louisiana's strawberry country?in a town that calls itself the Strawberry Capital of the World?the Ponchatoula fess celebrates the strawberry with a whole lot of food, from chocolate covered strawberries and strawberry snowballs to strawberry beignets and deep fried strawberries. And then some more strawberries. They also die the City Hall's fountain red for the festival and, yes, hold a thing called 'strawberry bingo.'

· Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival [Official Site]