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Enjoy Your Bucket of Crawfish with a Side of House Music

These are the strained, snot-splattered faces of professional eating. Soak it in. If you happened to be wandering around the French Quarter on Saturday, you might have witnessed the diminutive Alexandria, Virginia native Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas win the 2012 Rouses World Crawfish Eating Championship by scarfing down 3.3 percent of her body weight of crawfish in 10 minutes.

Pretty gnarly, right? Thomas is currently ranked by some gluttonous organization called Major League Eating as the fourth-best eater on the planet, a fact you might have to digest with alka seltzer. She beat out Baton Rouge native Adrian Morgan (currently ranked #7 by MLE) for this year's trophy, though Thomas's performance this year wasn't even close to her best gustatory feat in New Orleans; in 2011, she put away 6.5 pounds of crawfish (with more time, of course), and in 2005, she ate 46 dozen oysters in 10 minutes. You can watch a strangely-edited video of her masticating march to victory, courtesy of EatFeats, who decided to dispense with the typical gift shop zydeco music and use a little up-tempo techno instead.

Video: 2012 Rouses World Crawfish Eating Championship

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