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Freret Street Po-Boy Opening 2nd Location on Broad

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This must be proof of how good Freret Street is for all these new restaurants: Freret Street Po-Boy and Donut Shop is expanding into the Seventh Ward with a sister restaurant, Freret on Broad, making their selections of po' boys, doughnuts, breakfasts and lunches more accessible to folks downtown and back'a town. The shop is at 2005 N Broad, in the space that used to be Broad Street Café and Pampy's. The new restaurant celebrates its grand opening tomorrow.

The menu is largely going to be the same as the original location on Freret, though because there's more space and a larger kitchen, they're going to have more (and heavier) breakfast options beyond the doughnuts and light breakfast plates they have on Freret. Right now it looks like the hours are going to be Monday to Thursday 6AM to 6PM, Friday to Sunday 6AM to 10PM.

· Freret on Broad Restaurant & Bar [Facebook]

Freret on Broad

2005 N Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 Visit Website

Freret on Broad

2005 N. Broad St., New Orleans, LA