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Columnist Shuffles at the Times-Pic; Jack Dempsey Dies

Jack Dempsey's in the Bywater.
Jack Dempsey's in the Bywater.
Photo: Official Site

CHARITY WIRE? Empire builder John Besh has a program called "Chefs Move!" that gives scholarships "for a minority recipient from the New Orleans area to attend culinary school at The French Culinary Institute in New York City and to return to New Orleans after graduation." The application deadlines is April 30. [InthekNOwla]

RIP? Famed local homicide reporter Jack Dempsey passed today at the age of 92. This Dempsey, not the boxer, was the namesake of the Bywater seafood restaurant Jack Dempsey's. The restaurant was opened by a pair of policemen over 30 years ago, naming it in Dempsey's honor. [TP]

MEDIA WATCH? "If you're interested in New Orleans food/restos, follow my colleague @slangenhennig, who started sinking her teeth into the beat this week," says Brett Anderson, food guy at the Times-Pic, making it official that the paper's fashion editor Susan Langenhennig is now a restaurant columnist as well. Follow her on the Twitters here. [Twitter]