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Pizza Nola Getting Breakfast 'Pop Up' Called Bawk

People are starting to play a little fast and loose with the term "pop up": Starting April 20, Pizza Nola in Lakeview will be opening up for breakfast Friday to Sunday, from 7AM to 2PM. Though it'll be housed within Pizza Nola, with the menu and recipes developed by Pizza Nola co-owner Jennifer Samuels, they're calling it "a new breakfast 'pop-up' within the restaurant," with its own name, Bawk. Meanwhile, on the days that Bawk pops up, the regular Pizza Nola menu will be available starting at 11AM.

The Bawk menu will have a combination of regular breakfast fare (they say breads and bagels baked in-house), as well as New Orleans specials like crab cakes Benedict and daily specials from the Farmer's Markets. And because it's a pizza shop with delivery service, the breakfast operation will deliver, but only to the 70005 and 70124 zip codes.

Update: Pizza Nola explains why they're calling it a pop up: "We wanted to give Bawk its own identity as a breakfast spot, rather than just a pizzeria w/ a breakfast menu."

· Pizza Nola [Official Site]

Pizza Nola

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Pizza Nola

141 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124