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Watch the Promo Video for the Best Cocktail Tour Ever

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Elizabeth Pearce used to be the senior curator for the New Orleans-based Southern Food and Beverage Museum, and continues to one of the most knowledgeable drinks people in the city. Now, she's trying to use her wealth of knowledge and her love of New Orleans to start up a project giving "cocktail tours" of the city. As she puts it in the promo video on the project's IndieGoGo site, the tours will use "drinking as an excuse to show off" the city's larger culture. It is a "multi-sensory immersion experience," telling the stories of the people who built the city (physically and culturally) through drinks.

Importantly, and perhaps unfortunately, the Red Streetcar writes, "And no, it isn’t the Hand Grenade, Hurricane, Big Ass Beer tour." Instead it involves Sazeracs, praline liquor, Sicilian Citrus Punches and more. In general, it sounds pretty great from both a drinking standpoint and a learning-more-about-New Orleans standpoint. But doing things like this is expensive, so she needs help getting it off the ground. Hence the IndieGoGo site. After the jump, watch the promo video.

Video: Help Fund the Cocktail Tour

The Cocktail Tour from Harold Domingue on Vimeo.

If you watched that video, you may have noticed that Todd Price, the Times-Pic's drinks writer, called Pearce "one of my favorite people to share a drink with." High praise indeed.

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