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See (and Eat) 'The Longest Oyster Po-Boy' at This Saturday's Oyster Jubilee

Like New Orleans needs an excuse to eat oysters in epic proportions? We don't, but this Saturday morning along the 300 block of Bourbon Street, there's this: The 5th Annual Oyster Jubilee, a food and music festival (what other kind is there?) celebrating the erster.

The centerpiece of the 3 hour party is the construction and consumption of the 'Longest Oyster Po-Boy.' Never mind that they don't specify longest in what?the world? the city? Bourbon Street at that exact moment in time??the po' boy will have sections built by a whole lot of restaurants. Half will be cut and distributed to the crowd; the other half will be judged as part of the chef competition to name the top oyster po' boy at the Jubilee. Eater NOLA editor Alexander Hancock will be among the judges, along with Leslie Almeida of NOLA Eats and three others.

The Oyster Jubilee is this Saturday, March 10 from 10AM to 1PM on the 300 block of Bourbon Street. The "ceremonial cutting" of the po' boy is at noon.

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Oyster Jubilee

300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA