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Watch Hoda Kotb Rave About Mr B's BBQ Shrimp

Hoda Kotb, co-host (along with Kathy Lee Guifford) of that weird post-Today Show version of the Today Show, was in New Orleans recently to surprise her friend, WWL anchor Karen Swensen, for her birthday. Kotb, who was also a WWL anchor for 6 years during the mid-90s, wandered the Quarter with Swensen and got barbecue shrimp from Mr. B's Bistro.

Talking about New Orleans, Kotb says, "They have this stuff called barbecue shrimp, which isn't barbecue like barbecue ribs. You dunk the french bread into that buttery barbecue sauce and you?I've been thinking about?haaaaaaaaa." That last bit seems to be her just loving barbecue shrimp so much she forgets how to speak.

Kathy Lee, for her part, says, "They don't spare the butter down there," before talking about men.

Video: The New Orleans Dish Hoda Can't Forget

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Mr. B's Bistro

201 Royal St., New Orleans, LA