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Ignatius Eatery to Open in Old Rue Space This Month

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Photo: -ENOLA-

As expected, the former Magazine Street location of Rue de la Course is about to become Ignatius Eatery. That location of the coffee shop closed at the beginning of this year, with unconfirmed reports that Ignatius, currently located at Magazine and Milan, would be moving down the street. According to a sign on the newspaper-covered door, and confirmed via e-mail, the new Ignatius location is expected to open on April 19.

Owner Jerry Roppolo had a whole lot of trouble with his liquor license at Ignatius' current location. This move will allow them to actually get one and serve alcohol along with their menu of Creole classics. In fact, folks from Igntaius tell Eater that renovations on the former Rue space are complete, and that they're just waiting on their liquor license before opening up.

No word yet on what will become of the old Ignatius location. And the Rue de la Course at the corner of Carrollton and Oak is still going strong.

· Magazine Street Rue de la Course is Closed, May Become New Ignatius Eatery [-ENOLA-]

Ignatius Eatery & Grocery

3121 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

Rue De La Course

1140 South Carrollton Avenue, , LA 70118 (504) 861-4343 Visit Website

Ignatius Eatery

3121 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA