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Brick-and-Mortar Coming for Filipino Pop Up?

RioMar set up for the first Taste of the Philippines pop up.
RioMar set up for the first Taste of the Philippines pop up.
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Cristina Quackenbush's filipino pop-up was held this past Sunday at Adolfo Garcia's Italian restaurant A Mano. NOLA Defender reports that this was the second iteration of her pop up?the first, at Garcia's RioMar (where she works nightly as a server) was so successful she had to move to the larger space at A Mano. And the second one was so well attended that she's on the hunt for a brick-and-mortar:

With the return of Bacchanal and their new indoor kitchen, the early promise of Maurepas Foods, and the buzz around newly opened Suis Generis, 2012 is already emerging as The Year of the Bywater. If the success of Quackenbush’s pop-up is any indication of how a stand-alone Filipino restaurant might fare, those spots might be getting a new neighbor in the near future.
There may be more pop ups for Quackenbush "depending on how soon she nails down a permanent location." And if Milkfish (that's the alternate name for the 'Taste of the Philippines' pop up) opens up in the Bywater this year, maybe there will be something to NoDef's claim that 2012 is, indeed, the Year of the Bywater.

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A Mano

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A Mano

870 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA