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Food Truck Coalition Launches Internet Petition, to Lobby City Council on Improving Ordinances

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Photo: NOLA Food trucks

The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition, a collaboration between food truck vendors and advocates, has got itself a petition live on the internet for people to show their support for more food trucks in town. According to Lizzy Caston at NOLA Food Trucks, the Coalition is set to lobby City Council "with proposed changes they'd like to see happen to the City's current ordinances." Because, as the point has been made, the City's current ordinances around mobile food are totally radicchio.

Now, internet petitions can be a little, how do you say, dubious at times, in terms of efficacy and transparency. But this one may be the exception to that, given the fact that the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition seems to be using this to prove support for their proposal to City Council to fix the absurd/byzantine/whatever regulations surrounding mobile food in the city. So, Citizens of the Internet, you know what to do.

Update: The NOFTC is on Tumblr!

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