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Tales Tix Go on Sale Friday, Gingeroo Now Available

Inside the Old New Orleans Rum distillery.
Inside the Old New Orleans Rum distillery.
Photo: Official Site

CRAFT BOOZE, PART 1? Tickets for the July bacchanalia Tales of the Cocktail go on sale this Friday. The booze fest and 'round-the-clock party is July 15-29, with tickets to individual events going for $40-$100. They're available here. [TP, Official Site]

CRAFT BOOZE, PART 2? The local rum-makers at Old New Orleans Rum has a limited run of Gingeroo available at its distillery on the 2800 block of Frenchmen Street. Gingeroo is a rum and ginger soda that's about 10% alcohol. [Facebook]

Old New Orleans Rum Distillery

2815 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA 70122 (504) 945-9400 Visit Website