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Uptowner Getting Going, Passover Menu at Domenica

Inside the Uptowner.
Inside the Uptowner.
Photo: Facebook

OPENING REPORT (KINDA)? Former owners of Gabrielle, Greg and Mary Sonnier, have been trying to reopen their restaurant in the Uptowner hall on Henry Clay Ave., getting met with some serious resistance from the city. But they're now hosting weekly dinner events Thursday through Saturday nights (reservations required), and apparently "it's rockin'". [Official Site, Twitter]

HOLIDAY SPECIALS? Domenica's chef Alon Shaya is back with another Passover special this year. The menu features matzo ball soup, a marinated olive dish called Sephardic charoset, sea bass and a lamb shank. Plus dessert. It's available April 6 to April 14, from 11AM to 11PM. $55 per person. [EaterWire]

@ToddAPriceTP? "Want to watch Mad Men premiere but don't have cable? Vitascope Hall at Hyatt Regency hosing viewing party this Sunday." That's what it sounds like, a Mad Men viewing party at the absolutely-filled-with-TVs Vitascope Hall in the Hyatt Regency [Twitter]