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New Orleans to Get Food Truck Tracking App

Roaming Hunger is a program that provides a real-time map of where different food trucks and other mobile food vendors can be found. Available as both an online resource and an iPhone app, the whole idea behind the thing is that the folks at Roaming Hunger trawl social media and figure out where trucks and vendors are going to be, and then they put that on a map. The mapping system launches in New Orleans in March 26.

Eater reached out to a Roaming Hunger spokesperson to ask why they're launching in New Orleans. (Illustrious locales like Orlando, Nashville and Orange County, CA got the app before us, though a quick look at the website showed only 1 food truck on the current map for each of those places.) They said, first, that it's largely due to New Orleans being a great city for food, telling us it's "such a vibrant, cultural mecca we really felt like New Orleans captures much of what the street food movement is about: people from different cultural heritages coming together in the streets to try something new." But they also pointed to the growth of street food here, saying "the street food movement has been growing slowly but steadily in NOLA with a diverse roster of menus to choose from." Of course, hopefully that growth continues.

Eater was also able to get a list of the trucks that will be featured on the map when it launches. More vendors may be added to the list but this is what they're starting with:

A Fork in the Road
BBQ N Some
The Big Cheesy
Boo Koo BBQ
Brazilian BBQ
Crepes a la Cart
Cupcakes and Co
Drago's Oyster Firetruck
Empanada Intifada
The Fry Bar
Geaux Plates
Green to Go
La Cocinita
Lucky Dogs
Mr. Okra
NOLA Kettle Corn
Nola Snow Snoballs
Que Crawl
Sucre Gelato Truck
Taceaux Loceaux

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[Photo: Roaming Hunger Inc]