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Maurepas Foods, New Movement Theatre Teaming Up in Support of NOLA Defender

Here's a chance to do right by your fellow citizens: Next Sunday, March 25 at 8PM, Maurepas Foods is raffling off a "super-special package" that includes dinner for two, plus alcohol, plus a "special Farmers Market Produce Basket." The raffle is being held at the recently-opened New Movement Theater, at 1919 Burgundy Street in the Marigny. The raffle is happening at a special improv comedy show (which costs $10 for entry). On top of that cover, though, the raffle tickets are kind of absurdly cheap, at $2 apiece. Again, that's for dinner, booze and a farmers market basket.

The raffle and the show both go to support local alt news website NOLA Defender, whose offices were burglarized last week, seriously handicapping a website that was already working with (and producing a ridiculous amount of quality original reporting despite) incredibly limited resources. In addition to the comedy show and dinner raffle, Frenchmen Street music club Blue Nile is hosting Night Out for NoDef with Honey Island Swamp Band and a silent auction, hosted by the Simpsons' voice actor Harry Shearer. All of this is to help the website replace the money and technology that were stolen during the burglary.

· Maurepas Foods [Facebook]
· Night Out for NoDef Features Music, Art, Shearer [NoDef]

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy Street, New Orleans, LA 70117 504.267.0072 Visit Website

Maurepas Foods

3200 Burgundy St., New Orleans, LA