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St. Patrick's Day Kicks Off Early Today

St Patrick's Day at Parasol's.
St Patrick's Day at Parasol's.
Photo: flickr / antisocialtory

St. Patrick's Day isn't until Saturday, but the annual let's-all-pretend-to-be-Irish parties in the Irish Channel are happening early so as not to compete with Saturday's parade. How early? Today, actually, with the pair of block parties at Parasol's and Tracey's?so close to each other that they actually feel like one and the same?starting this morning and running throughout the day.

The annual party at Parasol's technically kicked off this morning at 10, while the one just down the street at Tracey's starts at 11. Per a post on Parasol's Facebook page, theirs runs until 8 o'clock this evening, due to NOPD orders. That means that anyone who actually has to, like, work can still go by for a faux-Irish happy hour. Both parties will have plenty of green beer and other hokey, pseudo-Irish things that are standard for the holiday. Including a Leprechaun Costume Contest that's happening at Tracey's at 4, and which will be judged "by worthy Irish folks."

But if you can't wait until Saturday for green beer, shots of Irish whiskey and some corned beef and cabbage, you know where to go.

· Parasol's Bar and Restaurant [Official Site]
·Tracey's [Official Site]


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