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Krewe du Brew Coffee House Opens on St. Charles

[Photo: Amy Jett]

There's a new coffee shop on St. Charles Avenue called Krewe du Brew. Krewe du Brew opened next door to Sushi Brothers at 1610 St. Charles just before Mardi Gras and has been quietly chugging along ever since. The space is fairly roomy with plenty of tables and some seriously plush outdoor seating, which will be really nice until the summer heat really kicks in, at which point it might not be the most comfortable place in the world. After a quick glance inside, the menu appears to be coffee shop standards: hot and cold coffee drinks, Italian sodas, hot and iced tea and pastries. The shop is owned by a trio of New Orleanians, John Hagan, Eugene Anderson and Adrian Guy. Open 7AM to 8PM every day.

· Krewe du Brew [Facebook]

Krewe du Brew

1610 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA