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Pair of Crimes Have Connections to Area Burger Kings

It was a bad couple of days to be a criminal near a Burger King. Yesterday, an Orleans Parish Sheriff's Deputy posted up at the Walgreen's at the corner of Claiborne and Carrollton responded to the sound of broken glass nearby. He ended up chasing down and arresting a man who had broken into a car in the parking lot of the Burger King across the street.

Then, early this morning a traffic stop led to a shootout on City Park Avenue. Four people were shot in the confrontation, including two police officers who are now in stable condition at University Hospital. Two suspects were also shot, with one of them killed on the scene. WWL reports that while the identity of the men is unknown; "Employees at a nearby Burger King ... say they believe one of the men was a co-worker who was running late for work." Developing.

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[Photo: UrbanSpoon]

Burger King City Park

512 City Park Ave., New Orleans, LA