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Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet in Metairie Closes

Inside Pancho's.
Inside Pancho's.
Photo: Tiger Droppings / Baylor

The Metairie location of Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet has closed permanently, less than three years after the restaurant?which first opened in the CBD in the '70s before moving to Metairie?finally reopened after Katrina. Ian McNulty at the Gambit says that it's return in 2009 "was welcomed by throngs of fans, who eagerly lined up outside to get a table," though clearly those throngs didn't stick around, with the place now permanently shuttered. McNulty also notes that the Metairie spot is the third Southeast Louisiana location of the El Paso-based chain to close in the last year, following closures of its restaurants in Baton Rouge and Slidell.

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Pancho's Mexican Super Buffet

100 N. Labarre Rd., Metairie, LA