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Hot Chefs Round 1 Day 5: Jacobs, Chauvin, Esses

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HOTTESTCHEF_FIRE_187.jpgThe adventure continues: Day 5 of the first round of the competition to find the Hottest Chef in New Orleans. Just as a reminder, the field is comprised of 24 nominated chefs, so for this first round we're doing 8 days of three chefs each. The winner from each day will continue on into the semi-final round.

Today's chefs are pictured above. From left to right, they are: Corey Jacobs from Huey's 24/7 Diner, Diana Chauvin from La Thai Uptown and Dan Esses from Three Muses. The poll is open for 24 hours, and voting will be monitored for irregularities and nonsense. Go 'head and vote.

Poll results

Three Muses

536 Frenchmen Street, , LA 70116 (504) 252-4801 Visit Website

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