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Is There a Third Slice Location Coming Soon?

Is there a new location of Slice Pizzeria in the works? In his "Dining Diary" from this past Thursday, Tom Fitzmorris drops this nugget of insider info like in the most casual way possible. After a paragraph of kinda-sorta political rambling, The Fitz describes Slice as "a local chain of two (soon to be three) New York-style pizzerias." The original Slice?owned by the same people as the "Creole taqueria" Juan's Flying Burrito?started life on St Charles Avenue before the second location opened up on Magazine Street in 2009. Other than this little piece of information, Eater hasn't heard anything, but we'll be following this.

· Dining Diary: The Gourmet Side of Slice. Dinner at Galatoire's. [NO Menu]

[Photo: Slice Pizzeria]

Juan's Flying Burrito

2018 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 504-569-0000


1513 St Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA