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Hollygrove Bar Shut Down After Police Raid

Friday night, New Orleans and state police raided Big Time Tips, a bar in Hollygrove. They arrested a grand total of 15 people and cited the bar on 12 violations?10 from the Alcohol and Tobacco Board and 2 from the gaming division of the State Police. Says NOLA Defender: "State agents and cops from five agencies entered the bar late last night and arrested one man with crack, marijuana and other paraphernalia, and found 'numerous bags of marijuana throughout the bar,' according to New Orleans police." NoDef also says Big Time was "a known drug dealing spot," though you have to wonder if they know that from first-hand experience. The bar has been the location of a ridiculous number of crimes, including a murder just this past December.

Unsurprisingly, Big Time Tips has had its liquor license revoked temporarily, pending a hearing this week that will decide whether or not it will be suspended for a year.

· Big Time Bust Shutters Hollygrove Bar [NoDef]

[Photo: Google Maps]

Big Time Tips

8801 Edinburg St., New Orleans, LA