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Cupcake Eating Contest, Pepper Palace Opens & More

OPENING REPORT? The Pepper Palace is a place where people can now purchase peppers and pepper products, like hot sauces and what not. Located at 835 Decatur (and appearing to be more-than-a-little oriented towards tourists), the Pepper Palace is part of a chain with locations in Myrtle Beach, St. Augustine and elsewhere.

ZOMG CUPCAKES? Local cupcake chain The Kupcake Factory is hosting a cupcake eating contest at the Spanish Plaza this Saturday, in coordination with the Muscular Dystrophy Association's annual Muscle Walk. Individual registration is $25, with all proceeds going to the MDA. Registrants will be given 20 cupcakes and 5 minutes to eat them in; whoever eats the most and does not puke wins. [NoDef]

LISTICLES? Smithsonian Magazine has made a listicle of the 20 best food trucks in the country. Making the list is New Orleans' own Taceaux Loceaux [Smithsonian via Eater National]

FIRST WORD? Turns out that the vote on City Council member Jackie Clarkson's ordinance that would make all bars 21+ is being delayed. It will instead go to the Criminal Justice Committee in mid-March, after Clarkson got some serious push-back from bar owners. [TP]

[Photo: Pepper Palace]