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Hogs for the Cause Will Feature a 'Porkade'

Team Company Burger at the 2011 Hogs for the Cause.
Team Company Burger at the 2011 Hogs for the Cause.
Photo: Hogs for the Cause

This is happening: Hogs for the Cause, the annual pork competition in City Park that is exactly one month from today, is going to feature a thing called a "Porkade." As yet more evidence that the Hogs organizers love puns?they call the event's location "City Pork"?the Porkade is a portmanteau of pork and arcade. Per the press materials that came Eater's way this morning, the Porkade is "an adult-themed arcade including games like 'Ring Around the Rosé' Wine Toss." Again, they clearly love puns, and we love them for it.

Hogs for the Cause is on March 24, from 10:30AM to 10PM in City Park. Pre-sale tix are $10; they've also announced VIP packages for $100 and $250 that include unlimited food and drinks. If you buy the $250 package you get to call yourself a Boss Hog and judge the competition, in addition to private bathrooms. [EaterWire]

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