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Estimating Mardi Gras' Economic Impact, Off-Duty NOPD Officer Arrested on Bourbon & More

UPTOWN? In more Breesus news, Whole Foods Arabella Station is hosting a fundraiser for Drew Brees' hunger initiative. 5 percent of the store's net sales from the day will go to the Brees Dream Foundation for its work against hunger. [TP]

FRENCH QUARTER? Late in the night on Mardi Gras?or, more accurately, early in the morning on Ash Wednesday?a New Orleans Police Department officer was arrested in a Bourbon Street bar for carrying a gun. And also for being drunk. And also for getting into a fight. At least he was off-duty. [KATC]

CITYWIDE? According to Forbes, Mardi Gras is estimated to have brought in "about 144 million dollars," though some people estimate the broader impact to be as high as a billion dollars.

[Photo: Whole Foods]