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Mardi Gras Weekend in Food and Photos

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[Photos: Amy Jett]

Mardi Gras is not a dining holiday. But it is about community?about people coming together with friends, family and strangers to enjoy each other and have a good time. Drinking is a central part of all that, of course, but so is eating, although most of the food consumed is on the street or from more casual eateries. Needless to say, grilling in the neutral ground (that's what we call the median) and having people over for food and drinks are both huge parts of the Mardi Gras weekend.

Heavy rains forced most of Saturday's parades to reschedule and caused thinner crowds for Endymion, affecting many people's plans for cookouts and crawfish boils. But still, this year like any other, people could be seen all over the parade routes grilling and eating and drinking and screaming like crazy for beads. For a (slight) taste of the action, check out the photos above from Eater NOLA photographer Amy Jett.

And yeah, there at the end of the slideshow? That's Joan Jett, who played at this year's Muses ball.

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